Slicksync Basic and Pro

Slicksync is an application designed to help automate the synchronization of your files and program data. Slicksync provides an easy to use wizard interface which will guide you through synchronizing your data to a local, network or removable drive. Synchronizations are performed one-way and will update your destination files if needed but will not modify your source files.

Easy to use Wizard Interface
Synchronize to Local, Removable and Network drives.
Scheduled Synchronizations
Works with the Windows Task Scheduler to create a fully automated solution.
Shadow Copy (VSS)
The Shadow Copy feature allows Slicksync to access files even if they are locked or in use by other programs. This is very convenient for synchronizing data such as email and databases whos interfaces are always running.
Supports Unicode Files
Minimize to System Tray
Minimize EZ Backup to the system tray during your backup and you will be notified when the backup has completed.

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